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Islamic Investment’s purpose is to trade (buy and sell) for profit low risk high yielding UK residential property in the current market. This is done using ‘cash’ funds, access to discounted property and highly skilled investors. Islamic Shariah Law forbids the involvement of all forms of interest as it is a method of usury.

About Islamic Investments

The UK property market was in a period of phenomenal growth until October 2007. The subsequent crash in the market and the onset of recession in the economy caused many inexperienced investors (that were previously riding on the back of a rising market) to lose money or to run into financial difficulty. This was simply due to the restrictive bank lending and the fact that the strategies that were being employed up to 2008 no longer worked in the current market.

However, the more professional investors found new opportunities within the UK property market. These investors changed strategies as the market changed. Right now in this buyers market (bullish) there are many opportunities. But, it is simply not a matter of buying any property just because you may have access to funds. It is about buying the right type of property in the right location which is still relatively easy to sell for a profit. This is only possible by having access to the right properties at the right price and more importantly having the access to the right investors who have the skills to generate MASSIVE property profits in the CURRENT market.

Helping To Achieve Superior Returns From Real Estate. Just some of the services we provide below

  • Joint Venture Specialist
  • Islamic Private Equity Investor
  • Property developments
  • Commercial Properties
  • Student H.M.O's

The best returns for investors from a low-risk asset class.

Working with investors, high-net-worth individuals & investment groups. Interested in the building, growth and funding of early-stage companies. We are currently both a deal-flow channel for investors, as well as a fund-raiser (£30k-£12m) of angel/VC investment & finance options for businesses seeking to grow (turnaround/distress also). Have made start-up investments ourself.

If you would like to discuss your investment requirements in more detail or would like to discuss the opportunities currently available please contact us for an initial discussion.

Business consultancy to all sectors including Government, also Property Services to HNW's, developers, start-up property investors and general investors. Properties bought for clients internationally and UK wide. Over 50 projects being delivered for clients concurrently.

Specialties: Business start-ups, investment, acquisitions, buy-outs, SMEs, private equity, portfolio management, recruitment, jobs, careers, Property portfolio growth strategies, Property consultancy, IVA & bankruptcy solutions, Property portfolio management, Marketing Consultant, Internet Project & Programme Manager, Change Management, branding and corporate Identity, Knowledge Management, E-Commerce, Investment Strategies, Cashflow management, International property investment, Commercial Property Management, Estate Agency Management, Internal/External Marketing Communications, PR, Capital raising worldwide, Investment fund distribution, Investment sales and marketing strategy, Investment funding and finance, Worldwide investment fund distribution, Investment fund global marketing strategy

  • Working with private investors
  • Property Portfolio Building
  • Acquiring Property for Overseas Investors
  • Real estate acquisitions
  • Asset & Wealth Management

All aspects of the business are conducted in strict accordance to Shari'ah based guidelines. This approach is also otherwise known globally as "Ethical" or "Socially Responsible Investing.

Responsible investment

Responsible property investment is integral to doing profitable business with a good conscience. We’ve committed to a strategy that ensures all investments are environmentally sound, socially responsible and appropriately governed.


We have a number of Muslim investors as members of our common interest group.

From talking to them, we know that a major attraction of investing via Islamic Investments is that our business model is compliant with Sharia Law and is therefore suitable for those who wish to make an investment that complies with the Islamic faith.

There are no property finder's fees to pay, there is no borrowing involved and no interest payments investors simply share in the profits made. Typically, we make around 25% profit in a deal (split 50/50) and the property will be sold within 6 months of completion, providing investors with a high annual return (especially if you choose to re-invest).

Neither Islamic Investments itself nor any of the SPVs that purchase the properties have any debt whatsoever. Further, we believe what we do is a highly ethical investment that is of benefit to society as a whole, as we are breathing life back into empty properties (which are badly needed to help reduce the housing shortage).

So investing through us is a Halal investment that complies with Sharia law and can provide investors with superb returns